Stonewall Construction Services offers a variety of services to meet your construction needs. Our primary focus is in the commercial industry, however we have extensive experience in the residential realm and often take on select residential projects.

Design Build

Stonewall Construction Services has the recources to provide customers with the ability to plan their new project from start to finish. These recources enable us to provide a service that not many others can match in the construction realm.

Stonewall Construction is capable of helping with finding land, finding financial assistance, providing budget costs, gathering specific industry information, providing building plan services, providing drafting services, providing construction services for all levels of construction, providing knowledge of local and statewide code enforcement, and much more.

New Construction

If you are in need of a new building and already have plans and an idea of what you need or are needing help with deciding exactly what style, size, and type of building you need, don’t look any further. We are experts in providing:

  • Metal buildings (several styles, colors, sizes to choose from).
  • Conventional steel building (design to suit, or build to specs).
  • Wood framed structure (versatile, and cost effective capabilities). 

Stonewall Construction is capable of building all types of buildings, sizes, and shapes and we would be glad to show you some of our projects that display our versatillity.


Already have an existing space that does not meet your needs?  Looking for a space, but need some modifications done?  Stonewall Construction has extensive experience, and probably the majority of our work load falls into this realm of construction – taking an existing space and making it work to suit the clients needs. 

Whether it is retail space, office space, storage space, or whatever your need is, we would be glad to help you through the process of getting the useable space that you need.  

Other Services

  • Drafting
  • Estimating
  • Building Additions